P.E.R.U. – Pollution Emergency Response Unit


Cowen Flowline's complete Pollution Emergency Response Unit, conveniently packed and stowed on a dedicated road trailer. The P.E.R.U. contains all essential items for Tier One and Two response to handle emergency oil spills. The necessity of holding your own emergency spill response equipment can not be overstated, and the P.E.R.U. simplifies the site management and deployment. For Ports & Harbours, as stated in MPCU guidelines, "Consideration should include the availability of trained response personnel, response equipment, transportation, communications, the mobilisation time, access to potential clean-up sites etc." P.E.R.U. is a ready made solution to this new and demanding regulation.


The P.E.R.U. can be supplied as a full road going specification or as a site-only trailer. Sizes vary according to equipment which is to be carried. All have shutter doors to allow instant and immediate access allowing the stowed equipment to be easily and quickly deployed. Where double roller shutter doors are specified, the entire contents can be accessed without needing to remove any obstructing objects, making for quicker deployment. A galvanised chassis fitted out with marine ply and covered with plastic coated aluminium panels ensures a long life even under the most arduous of conditions. The contents of the P.E.R.U. are determined by detailed assessment of the site potential risk. Typical equipment selected is listed overleaf.


The standard contents are listed below, however this is only a recommended inventory and contents may be mixed and matched to suit your own site requirements.

1 Trailer, twin axle, roller shutter doors both sides
1 2" Peristaltic Pump, diesel drive with spark arrestor
1 6,000 litre Instee Tank, self erecting storage tank
1 Midi Collapsible Skimmer
3 10 m x 2" Suction / Discharge Hose
2 10 m Solid Buoyancy River Phoenix 600 boom
4 Rolls 50cm x 50 m Oilsorb-Ultra oil absorbents
8 3 m Ultra-Boom buoyant oil absorbent booms
20 1.25 m Ultra-Seal oil absorbent socks
20 300g Pom-poms
5 Oil absorbent pillows
2 Waterproof PVC Suits (Yellow, 1x medium, 1x Large)
2 Safety Helmets
2 PVC Protective Gloves
1 Hand Cleanser (250gm Swarfega)
1 Bottle Sterile Eyewash Solution
2 Hanks Polypropylene Rope
1 Roll H/D Refuse Sacks (large)
2 H/D Black Poly Buckets
1 Long Handled Broom
1 Spade
1 Lump Hammer (4Ib)
2 Safety Goggles
1 First Aid Kit
1 Torch (inc. batteries)
2 Hose Clips (1.5" dia.)
50 Cable ties for disposal bags
1 Spare wheel for trailer
1 20 litre Diesel tank for pump

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P.E.R.U. - Pollution Emergency Response Unit