Protecting the drain whilst containing the spill, our neoprene drain mat offers effective drain protection.

The Standard Drain protection kit carry case provides a quick re-usable solution to this potentially expensive problem. It contains 1x Neoprene mat (1m x 1m x 1.5m) and 2 x drum plugs to seal the edges of the mat. If you are interested in a bespoke kit for your company needs, get in touch with us on 01228 710205.

The drain cover is made of PU which is resistant to most corrosive liquids.

The range also includes once-only Bentonite clay drain covers, designed to completely seal off the closest drain to a spill. Supplied in packs of 2 for single use.

Magnetic Drain Cover

The reusable magnetic drain cover adheres to all metal surfaces, it’s extremely flexible, weather resistant and works well in high and low temperatures.

PU Spill Barrier

The PVC barrier can very easily and quickly provide containment for leaked fluid. Made from non-absorbent polyurethane, the barrier is quick to install and has a sticky bottom edge. Good shelf life and washable. Resistant to oils and most chemicals.

Description Dimensions Pack Quantity
Neoprene Drain Cover 100cm x 100cm x 2mm 1
Drain Cover Kit 1
Bentonite Clay Drain Mat 45cm x 45cm 2
Bentonite Clay Drain Mat 65cm x 45cm 2
PU Drain Cover 46cm x 46cm 1
PU Drain Cover 61cm x 61cm 1
PU Drain Cover 91cm x 91cm 1
PU Spill Barrier Corner Piece 1
PU Spill Barrier Connection Piece 1
PU Spill Barrier 6cm x 3m 1
Drum Plug – Leak Block Putty 1kg 1
Magnetic Drain Cover 60cm x 60cm x 0.9cm thick, comes with frame 1