Cowens Ltd offer to take over responsibility after an accidental oil release and both clean up the spill and ensure you comply with regulatory legislation. We can provide expert services from initial spill containment and isolation to recovery of product and landscaping of the site.

Larger spills will be managed by our contaminated land division, enabling a complete service to be provided for all eventualities.

Cowens carry out fuel tank design and installations to meet current oil storage regulations. Forecourt decommissioning and AST/UST removals completed.

With the risk of oil or chemical spills a constant headache for site managers, Cowens are pleased to offer a single point of contact for all your environmental needs. We manufacture absorbents and spill prevention equipment, we offer training on their use, and provide a 24 hour spill response call out service. With the depth of experience Cowens have in environmental regulations, correct hazardous waste disposal and liaising with the agencies, the hard work is all done by us.

Preventing any spills from escaping and making sure your site is fully prepared is also our area of business. We manufacture spill kits, absorbents and Tier 1 equipment, along with First Responder Training.

Depend on Cowens for all your environmental issues.

  • Bunds
  • Spill Kits
  • Absorbents
  • Biological cleaning products
  • Granules
  • PPE
  • 24/7 emergency spill response
  • 24/7 spill equipment deliveries
  • Planned spill prevention services
  • Land and water remediation
  • Spill response training

We are one of a very few UK companies who manufacture all these products. You can therefore specify modifications to suit your needs. Please make use of our decades of experience to help design your environmental strategy. From industry, ports & harbours, local authorities, environmental contractors, shipping companies, oil refineries and depots, through to responsible domestic heating oil users; Cowens continues to offer them all a personal and professional service.

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