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Cowens Ltd provide expert solutions for all your health, safety and environmental issues.

Cowens was founded in 1821 as a cotton wool manufacturer and in 1901 progressed into the manufacturing of non woven materials. In 1994 the company diversified into the environmental products and services trade.

The business manufactures a wide range of woven and needled materials for the upholstery and funeral trade. Alongside these, Cowens Ltd manufactures a range of environmental products ranging from pollution control hardware to spill clean-up consumables. All products manufactured on site conform to ISO9001 quality standards for the production of goods. Each stage in the manufacturing process is regularly checked to ensure conformity, allowing for a high quality product to be guaranteed.

Cowens Ltd is also a wholesaler of a wide range of cotton wool products which are ideal for use in the Beauty, Laboratory, Medical and veterinary trades. These products are professionally packaged to allow for retail use.


Pollution control hardware (booms, skimmers, pumps, separators, tanks, detection) and spill clean-up consumables. We have a contaminated land division for desk studies, intrusive site investigations and ground & groundwater remediation services.


Fire barriers and fireproof fillings and linings; air/gas filter media; liquid filters and separators; protective waddings and felts; chemical storage and transfer equipment; personal protective equipment; intrinsically safe pumps; chemical absorbents; biological cleaning agents and solvent-free degreasers.


Medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary cotton wools, bandages and absorbents. NHS, wholesale and retail. Factory shop, mail order and export. With over 200 years of experience in non-woven textiles, we specialise in developing individual solutions for customers and supplying volume products competitively.

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Cowens are passionate about giving the best possible customer service. Your confidence is assured by our ISO9000 registered quality systems, rigorous training and thorough materials testing. Based outside Carlisle near J42 M6, we pride ourselves in responding immediately to your exact needs.

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