The Full Retention Separator provides a high level of hydrocarbon removal coupled with a gross capacity of 10,000 Litres.

This product is recommended for use in areas on or around garage forecourts where there is significant risk of serious spills of hydrocarbons.

Benefits and Features:

The Full Retention Separator has been designed and successfully tested in accordance with the European Standard EN 858-1.

Under test conditions with an influent flow rate of 15 l/s, containing 5,000 mg/l of oil, the Full Retention Separator exceeded the requirements for Class 1 and Class 2 performance. Class 2 (discharge to a foul sewer) should achieve less than 100 mg/l and Class 1 (discharge to surface water) should achieve less than 5 mg/l of oil in the separator effluent.

Full Retention Separators are designed to contain up to 7,600 litres of oil or light liquid in the event of a tanker spill situation.

Automatic Closure Device
Fitted to prevent flow through the unit in case the maximum oil storage level is reached. Designed to suit oils of specific gravity up to 0.95 g/cm. The unit is removable for inspection and maintenance.

Coalescing Unit
Coalescing units are required for class 1 applications. Comprising of a fuel resistant/fire retarding foam module situated around the closure device support pipe. The support pipe is secured via a locking device to prevent unauthorized removal.
The unit is removable for inspection and maintenance.

Full Retention Separator