Shore Phoenix

A high specification and effective pollution control barrier boom which is suitable for use in tidal waters where a seal between shore and water is required. Can be deployed on the beach, shoreline, mudflat, and marsh or in shallow waters.

The Shore Phoenix may also be supplied in short lengths for use as an emergency ‘doorstep’ flood barrier. When in a floating condition the Shore Phoenix boom acts as an effective inflated barrier to contain oil pollution. As the tide goes out the boom sits down on the bed and the two water filled chambers create an equally effective shoreline barrier. Because the Shore Phoenix is inflatable it can be stowed away for convenient storage and readily deployed in case of an emergency.

Manufactured from durable high frequency welded 1080g/m2 polyurethane alloy double coated nylon fabric, the Shore Phoenix is suitable for use in the most arduous of conditions. Available in either 400mm or 550mm size depending on application, the Shore Phoenix boom consists of three chambers formed in an triangular arrangement. The top section is air inflated for buoyancy whilst the bottom chambers are water filled for ballast and stability. Each boom length is fitted with two industry standard Monsun MkXII valves for water and air inflation as well as pressure relief valves to provide protection against over inflation. Supplied in 10, 20 or 30 metre lengths as standard (other lengths available to specific order).

  400 550
Freeboard (air) 200 mm 280 mm
Draught on land 190 mm 260 mm
Draught on water 200 mm 280 mm
Gross Tensile Strength 13,300 kg 26,000 kg
Standard Sect Length 10, 20, 30 metre
Boom Connection Flat Plate, Unicon or ASTM.
Bolted every 100mm
Inflation Valve Monsun Mk XII (Black)
Water Valve Monsun Mk XII (Blue)
Pressure relief valve setting 27′ water guage
Boom Colour Marine Safety Orange
Manufactured in PU or PU/PVC Alloy


  • Boom reels
  • Tow bridles
  • Water pumps
  • Air blowers
  • Anchor systems
  • Trailer systems
  • Hand carry bags
  • Interconnecting hoses
  • Containerised systems
Shore Phoenix
Shore Phoenix