Port Boom (Phoenix)

Port Phoenix 700 – Foam Buoyancy PU Pinch Boom


The Port Boom is a patented, ingenious solution to containing the risk of bunkering spills in ports and docks.
Two Port booms, pivoted at the dock wall end, are levered out to seal with the tied up ship either side of the refuelling hose. Any mishaps that may occur will now be fully contained by the two booms, the ship and the dock wall. Skimmers or absorbents are then used to remove any oil on the surface of the water. When bunkering is complete, the booms are simply pulled back to the dock wall out of the way, ready for the next boat.

The port boom is a long overdue solution to a very common problem, the simplicity of use makes this a further benefit to the operator.

Applications extend to each and every situation where fuel and oils are being carried over water, yet no obvious hitching point for standard booms exists on the moored vessel. Already in daily use by the most well known of ferry operators.


The Port boom uses a patented design to enable a robust polyurethane covered containment boom to work under compression, rather than the conventional tension forces. This enables it to be levered out through the water instead of being pulled out. In turn, this means that no far fixing point is needed, and only the tension in the rope harness is required to keep a water tight seal with the ship.

To enhance the seal with the boat, and extend the life of the whole boom, a replaceable pad is fitted to the end of the boom. At the dock wall, sliding anchor pillars will be required for all tidal locations, and these are also useful for bringing the boom up to the dock edge for storage out of the water and maintenance.

Only Cowen Flowline have developed such a state of the art boom. We have included the design in a boom with excellent wave conformance, specifically engineered draft and freeboard selection and extremely robust construction. The result is practical, smart in appearance, and simple to use.


Overall 700 mm
Freeboard 335 mm
Draft 365 mm
Standard Unit Lengths 3.5 m, 5.0 m
Boom Weight 6.8 kg/m
Material 1080g/m2 polyurethane
Buoyancy Closed cell polyethylene foam
Ballast 8 mm galvanised steel chain in double skinned keel pocket
Pod Colour Marine safety orange


  • Tidal compensating anchor pillars with triangular floats
  • Additional boom connector point for emergency boom to encircle complete ship
  • Rope harnesses
  • Lifting points every 1.5 m
  • Racking Systems
  • Flat bar, Unicon, or ASTM connectors

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