Harbour Boom (Phoenix)

Harbour Phoenix 750 & 480 – Foam Buoyancy PU Fence Boom


The Harbour Boom is a high specification and effective pollution control barrier boom that is ideal for emergency response or long term deployment in rivers, estuaries, harbours and lagoons. Requiring no inflation, the Harbour Phoenix provides immediate protection and maximum durability. A solid boom manufactured in slim profile section making it ideal for easy storage in zigzag form. Custom-made road trailers are available for complete emergency protection systems, which need to be permanently ‘at the ready’.


A segmented solid buoyancy boom manufactured in hard wearing 1080 g/m2 PU alloy coated fabric giving durable abrasion resistance. Buoyancy is provided by enclosed cross link closed cell foam which means that the boom will remain buoyant even if the coating is punctured. An enclosed galvanised chain provides ballast. Stiffening rods ensure the boom lies vertically in the water, and recovers quickly if subjected to gusts in exposed conditions. A range of end connectors are available for joining booms together.


Overall 480 750
Freeboard 150 mm 250 mm
Draught 330 mm 500 mm
Standard Sect Length 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 metre
Weight 3.3 kg/metre 5 kg/metre
Ballast Enclosed Galvanised Chain
Colour Marine safety orange


  • A variety of standard boom connectors may be fitted according to customer specification ensuring that the Harbour Phoenix boom may be used with existing equipment.
  • Heavy duty 1400 gsm PU version
  • Anchor points
  • Three point floating connector
  • Storage boxes and containers
  • Storage and deployment racking trailer


10 Metre length 500(h) x 390 (l) x 750 (w) x 40 kg

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