Chemical Absorbents

What is Chemsorb?

Chemsorb is a specially developed absorbent material, produced as a pad or on a roll, which has the best combination of properties for dealing with chemical spills. It does not disintegrate or weaken when saturated, and as we are the manufacturer, we can make it to any size, from small pads to rolls 1.5 m wide 100s of metres long. Typically, we sell pads 50 cm by 50 cm, and rolls 50 cm by 50 m, in either 200 gsm or 300 gsm thicknesses.

Why use Chemsorb?

Chemsorb is unique, and has the following high performance properties:

Extremely high absorbency means you need far fewer Chemsorb pads per spill. Speed of absorbency is almost instantaneous, so reducing your labour costs.

Chemsorb-Ultra is very strong. Even when fully saturated, Chemsorb can be picked up without breaking up. This is so important when transferring the wet pads to a safe container, where Chemsorb’s integrity keeps everything held together.

Chemsorb-Ultra will remove any chemicals in water based solutions, including aggressive and corrosive liquids.

Chemsorb is priced competitively, and with all the above advantages, it makes sense always to specify Chemsorb. We also manufacture oil and paint absorbents, and a full range of associated spill products.

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Chemical Absorbents

Chemical absorbent pads