S-Oil Treat

Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil.

Oil Contaminated soils produce severe environmental hazards especially if site run offs are allowed to contaminate surface and subterraneous waterways.
Site excavation and removal of such contaminated soils is both expensive and time consuming.

The Solution

Use a bioremediation agent that: Degrades and digests oil pollution in situ
Reduces oil contamination to carbon dioxide & water
Produces no harmful bi-products and is without
risk to the environment.

S-Oil Treat

A unique biological agent that when used with traditional composting techniques removes hydrocarbons in soil producing only environmentally friendly bi-products.

How to use S-Oil Treat

Isolate surrounding ground water from increasing contamination. For small areas the contaminated soil can be lifted onto a polythene sheet. For larger areas, trenches may have to be dug to collect run-off.
Till the polluted area to break up the soil and aerate it and introduce S-Oil Treat at a level of 1Kg per cubic metre of polluted soil.
Spray the area with water to maintain damp conditions. Recycle run-off water to the soil to limit dispersal of oil and active bacteria.
Once wet, the remediation process is supported by spraying dilute nutrient solution, typically 1% of our Nutrient 8 solution in water, onto the soil using one of the packs supplied with the culture each week.
If the soil is liable to compaction, it must be re-tilled to maintain aeration and may require additional culture and nutrient.
Keep the soil damp, aerated and fed with S-Oil Treat and Nutrient 8, recycling run-off water until the hydrocarbon content falls to acceptable levels.

Recommended dosage

Use up to 1 Kg of S-Oil Treat per metre cubed of contaminated soil. Use Nutrient 8 as a 1% solution in water.

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S-Oil Treat