Bio Tubes

Oil Separator Bioremediation

Forecourt separators accumulate oil from spills and rain/cleaning water run-offs.

These separators must be cleaned regularly to prevent environmentally unacceptable oil discharges to foul or surface water drains. Traditional cleaning methods are time consuming and costly.

The Solution

Use a biological oil absorbent – placed directly in the separator – that:
Digests and replaces the volume of oil retained
Helps eliminate the risk of unacceptable oil effluent discharges
Reduces BOD and COD levels.

Bio Tubes

A unique, biological product that provides these advantages. Each Tube absorbs approximately 20 times its weight in oil. They will digest up to 2kg of oil per week. The product is effective in reducing oil, COD and BOD levels. They are simple to use and remain active for 6-8 months.

How to use Bio Tubes

After cleaning the forecourt separator place two Bio Tubes in the second chamber and one in the third chamber*.

* Based on maintaining a standard 7,000 litre separator.

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Bio Tubes

Bio Tubes

Bio Tubes

Bio Tubes