Absorbent Linings


Oilsorb is a specially developed material which has the best combination of properties for dealing with oil spills. Oilsorb does not disintergrate or weaken when saturated, and as we are the manufacturer, it can be made to any size and format.

Why use Oilsorb

  • Better than clay granules
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Not picked up on people's shoes
  • Will not abrade machinery parts
  • Not a trip hazard
Oilsorb Absorbent Lining - Cowens Ltd


Chemsorb pads and rolls are a safe, fast acting, cost effective, easy to handle and easy to use solution to chemical leaks and spills. They are used to help contain and absorb chemicals where chemical spillages have occured and can be placed beneath drip trays, chemical containers and all other sources of chemical leaks. Where larger spills occur, seals or socks can create a barrier to prevent spreading.

Why use Chemsorb

  • Extremely high absorbency means you need far fewer Chemsorb pads per spill.
  • Speed of absorbency is almost instantaneous, so reducing your labour costs.
  • Even when fully saturated, Chemsorb can be picked up without breaking up.
  • Chemsorb-Ultra will remove any chemicals in water based solutions, including aggressive and corrosive liquids.
chemsorb absorbent material - Cowens Ltd