Barrier Felt/Barrier Fabric

Barrier Felt

Luxurious, Soft, Cushioning and Fire Resistant? Must be our Barrier Felt!

With a soft feel, which not only aides the padding and cushioning effect our premium felt provides upholstery with a natural spring that all customers love to have. Finished in a pale cream colour you can be assured that there will be no material show-through even with the finest fabrics used as upholstery covers.

Conforming to BS 5852, Crib 5 and Crib 7 and BS 7176 alongside having the strength to withstand robust furniture manufacturing practices, this high-quality barrier felt conforms to your legal requirements whilst also being a pleasure to work with.

If you are looking for an upholstery interliner that will not only provide a fire resistance but will leave your customers questioning how you managed to achieve such an amazing cushioning feel, then look no further than Cowens Ltd, where all our barrier felt is manufactured right here in our UK Based Factory.

Crib 5 – What’s this all about? Why is it important for Barrier Felt?

For any felt interliner being used in the upholstery trade the product must first prove that it is of a high enough quality to meet the demanding requirements of schedule 3 of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 using ignition source 5 (Crib 5) of BS 5852:1982 Part 2.
Our Barrier felt has continually proven that it can achieve the standards required, with regular passes for our barrier felt achieved with IFS and customers receiving passes with FIRA.

What’s required for barrier felt to achieve a pass?

In short terms the main points for barrier felt Interliners to achieve a pass are:

  • Must be designed to protect the filling.
  • Fire resistance tested after a water soak and line drying.
  • Tested to Schedule 3 using an ignition source 5 (Crib 5).
  • Fire resistance tested over a non-fire retardant foam filling.

Full traceability of the independent laboratory testing from the fibre bales, to the blending batch to individual rolls is logged and labelled for your reassurance.

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