Land remediation – Story Homes


Cowens Ltd have successfully remediated a residential housing development site using dual phase high vacuum extraction.

Completed on schedule, on budget and to the regulator’s and client’s total satisfaction, Cowens have demonstrated best value and best practice.

The scope consisted of a site investigation followed by the removal of free phase, dissolved phase and vapour phase components of residual contaminants by high vacuum extraction. The site conditions included both free product and a high water table that would have made in-situ bioremediation ineffective. By optimising the zone of influence of each well, using in-line FID VOC analysis, full telemetry for system condition notification, and using the asymptotic mass recovery principal, we completed the remediation on budget, to the client and regulators’ satisfaction and the client was able to commence the civils programme while we were still on site, enabling the schedule to be reduced further.

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Land remediation - Story Homes

Land remediation - Story Homes