Geofleece Details

More information on Geofleece and how to use it at your club.

Cowens Geofleece will protect your sports pitch from frost and keep matches on schedule, even after extended hard frosts.

We understand that moving the 4.2m wide rolls of geofleece needs to be as easy and as quick as possible, so we have designed and built a trolley specifically for moving geofleece around your grounds.

It has 3 wheels so there is no need to lift the trolley to move it. If you do, to change direction for example, the load is balanced so there is no weight to lift.

The three support cradles are curved to match the roll diameter, and are low enough to make lifting the rolls in easy, with or without the polythene wrapping.

A handle is positioned at a natural hand height so pushing or pulling the trolley is very comfortable.

23cm diameter solid wheels will cope with gravel or rutted ground with ease, and have been fixed to make pushing in a straight line the default mode.

Steelwork is prime and finish painted, and all ends are capped with plastic plugs.

The whole trolley is lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

We also supply steel wire hoops for pegging down the geofleece in windy conditions. With a bright orange polyurethane flag on each one, they are hard to miss when removing, and the flag will never rust or fade, so the pegs will carry on working for a very long time.

Geofleece Details

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Geofleece Details

Geofleece Details