Chemsorb Disinfectant Matting

Cowens manufacture Chemsorb-Ultra, an extremely robust matting made in roll form for laying across roadways, slip roads and farm and dairy entrances to allow full and thorough disinfecting of tyres as vehicles pass. Used to prevent the spread of FMD and other contagious diseases.

Sold by the roll for best value or by cut piece for convenience, Cowens Ltd manufacture this product at their factory in Dalston and sell direct to you.

Rolls are 1.8m wide x 50m, 1 strip is suitable for 22″ tyres; 2 strips + for larger tyres. Cut pieces for less than 50m quantities.


Used in the 2001 Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic by the Highways Agency in particular, it was expected that the matting would have to be replaced frequently. However, such was the strength of the matting, that at the end of the epidemic the Highways Agency returned thousands of metres unused. Other than regular disinfectant replenishment, the mats had withstood 40 tonne lorries, farm vehicles and large volumes of regular traffic without damage.

Suitable for
Vehicle tyre disinfecting without splashing or waste
Personnel footware disinfecting on low slip surface,
Applying animal feet treatments,
Absorbing and containinig water based spillages including milk and chemicals
Disinfectant not included.

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