Spill Absorbent Powder

Cowens spill absorbent powder can be used as a fast solution for treating both spillages and leakages of liquid products.


The spill absorbent powder is capable of absorbing 300 times its own weight in water. With a fast rate of absorbency a liquid spill can be contained effectively in a minimum time. After absorption of liquid the powder changed into a gel which can be disposed of easily.

How To Use

Pour a liberal quantity of Spill Magnet around and onto the spilt liquid, or, in front of the liquid if it is flowing. Pour around drain inlets to prevent liquids escaping into them.
Spill Magnet begins to work instantly. However, allow it to absorb the bulk of the liquid for 2 to 5 minutes.
Work the binder into the surface to produce a totally dry, film free result.
Sweep or vacuum up the residue. If any part of the surface remains wet, add a little more Spill Magnet and work again with the broom until the surface is completely dry.

NB Spill Magnet does not neutralise chemical properties of liquids absorbed. Dispose in accordance with the manufacturers data sheet for the chemical spilt.

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