Oil Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Cowens manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of absorbents for all applications. As well as supplying melt-blown absorbents for light oils and chemicals, they manufacture their own Oilsorb-Ultra range of heavy oil absorbents. The results are incredible, with black and emulsified oils taken up, and absorbency rates of up to 50 times its own weight achieved. Their strength allows for re-use and prevents disintegration even under harsh use. While their water permeability allows oil from water filtration.

Cowens’ melt-blown absorbents for light oils and chemicals are made to enhance absorption, with features like anti-linting SMS and dimpled pads for ease of use, and maintenance pads for oil or water based chemical use.

Spill kits from hold-alls to 4 wheeled plastic containers are made and supplied to order.

The range of stock includes:


Code Description gsm Dimensions cm Qty/Pack
OU-OP42 Pads White – Oil Only 175 50×40 200
OU-OP3 Pads SMS Dimpled & Perforated – Oil Only 175 50×40 200
OU-OR3 Rolls White Oil only D & P 190 96x44m 1
OU-OP1 Pads SMS Laminated Dimpled – Oil Only 350 50×40 100
OU-OR6 Rolls White – Oil Only 350 96x44m 1
OU-OP300 Oilsorb-Ultra Heavy-oil pads 300 50×50 100
OU-OR300 Oilsorb-Ultra Heavy-oil rolls 300 50x50m 2


Code Description gsm Dimensions cm Qty/Pack
OU-CP12 Pads Yellow – Chemical 175 50×40 200
OU-CP7 Pads Dimpled & Perforated Yellow Chemical 190 50×40 200
OU-CR5 Rolls Yellow Chemical Dimpled 190 96x44m 1
OU-CP8 Pads Yellow Chemical 350 50×40 100
OU-CP300 Chemsorb-Ultra Heavy duty pads 300 50×50 100
OU-CR300 Chemsorb-Ultra Heavy duty rolls 300 50x50m 2


Code Description gsm Dimensions cm Qty/Pack
OU-MP2 Pads Grey – SMS General Purpose D & P 175 50×40 200
OU-MP1 Pads Grey – SMS General Purpose D & P 350 50×40 100
OU-MR2 Rolls Grey General Purpose SMS D & P 350 96x44m 1
Code Description Qty/Pack

Other products are available. Please ask.

24 hour emergency supply service is available, and stocks levels are kept high at all times.

OILSORB is a modified synthetic yarn felt which has been produced to specifically attract hydrocarbons. It is Oleophilic and hydrophobic which makes it ideal for extracting oils from water.

OILSORB can be supplied as floating mat, water filter bags for pipe outlets, filter bags for pressure filters, pads prior to sand filters, filter cartridges and as part of a filter vessel system.

OILSORB has a proven track record for absorbing massive oil spills in sea water and is now available for a wide range of industrial uses such as: –

Compressor condensate
Garage floor washings
Pond and lake cleaning
Extruder oil spillage
Hydraulic oil spills
Power station turbine oil spillage
Boat bilges
Cooling water contamination

Generally the absorbency ratio per sq. metre is as follows:

Diesel Oil 2kg
Gear Oil 5kg
Heavy Oil 5kg
Emulsified Oil 3kg

Samples are freely available for test purpose on request

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