Drum Skimmer

Flowdrum Skimmer – Surface Oil Pollution Double Drum Skimmer


A new concept on an old principle. Used wherever oil must be removed from water efficiently and reliably. Designed for continuous operation, with minimal maintenance in a wide range of environments, from marine to industrial. The skimmer capacity is nominally rated at 15m³/hour. The Flowdrum skimmer operates on a rotating drum principle with design features that make it a highly efficient, maintenance free unit. The rotation of the drums actively induces the flow of surface pollutants to the skimmer, and a wide range of oils can be recovered, from diesel to heavy fuel oils. Used in conjunction with Cowen Flowline containment booms, peristaltic pump, and oil water separator, a complete pollution control solution can be designed, built and commissioned by one expert manufacturer.


The mainstay of this design is contra revolving drums of polypropylene, which has exceptional properties in attracting oil. The oil pollutant is scraped off and diverted from the collection troughs to the central 2″ Camlock, for connection to a discharge pump. Tests have shown exceptional performance with a large range of viscosity’s and temperatures with water pickup less than 5%. Manufactured throughout in 316 stainless steel giving rugged maintenance free operation in arduous conditions. The frame incorporates the drums, fitted with heavy duty ‘sealed for life’ bearings, and is driven by hydraulic power. This makes the drumskimmer head suitable for operation in flammable classified areas. By connecting the power pack to the alarm outputs of a CB2000 oil on water monitor, operation becomes automatic at any time.



Length 1050 mm
Width 1500 mm
Depth 450 mm
Drum diameter 375 mm
Draft 300 mm
Weight 90 kg


Skimmer – Single drum skimmer, compact designs, alternative configurations, custom engineered solutions to complex installations.
Pump – A range of discharge pumps with a variety of power sources is available.
Power Pack – Range of Power Packs available with Electro-Hydraulic, Diesel drive.
Booms – Range of booms available. Size, design, materials to complement system.
Control – A Oil on Water Detector may be supplied to provide automatic operation of the skimmer and a warning alarm.
Full range of sizes and capacities available both in the single and double drum models.

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Drum Skimmer