Ocean Boom (Phoenix)

Ocean Phoenix 1350 & 1000 – Air Bouyancy Curtain Ocean Boom


The Ocean Boom is a substantial air buoyancy boom for use offshore and in exposed, open seas. The ballast is provided by a tension wire or galvanised steel chain incorporated in a reinforced keel pocket. This allows superior stability and wave following characteristics that impede ‘kiting’ and ‘bridging’. The enclosed galvanised wire or chain also provides additional boom tension and strength. Splash flaps prevent ‘splash over’ of oil. The air chamber provides generous freeboard, as well as allowing compact stowage when deflated. Gas tight Monsun valves enable inflation, and maintain pressure over many months of use.


The segmented ocean boom is manufactured from fabricated, high frequency welded 970 g/m2 Polyurethane or 1080 g/m2 PU alloy double coated nylon fabric giving durable and excellent wear abrasion resistance for long life during arduous use. Each boom section length uses reinforced connectors to allow connection to other booms, tow bridle, or mooring anchor systems.


  1000 1350
Freeboard (air) 450 mm 645 mm
Draught 550 mm 710 mm
Standard Section Length 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 metre  
Weight 4.25 kg/metre 6.33 kg/metre
Fabric Tensile Strength 15,200 kg 38,000 kg
Wire Tensile Strength 19,000 kg 19,000 kg
Ballast Enclosed Galvanised Wire or 8mm chain
Colour Marine safety orange
Boom Connection Flat bar, Unicon or ASTM
Valves Swedish Spec Monsun Mk XII
Manufactured in PU or PU/PVC Alloy


  • Heavy duty PU (1400gsm) for air chamber
  • Handholds every 5 metres
  • Anchor points
  • Splash Flaps
  • Inflator
  • Tidal compensator anchor pillars
  • Air Interconnect hoses
  • Flat bar, Unicon, or ASTM connectors
  • Tow Bridle
  • Boom Reels
  • Trailer & Container Systems
  • In any length to order

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