Lake Boom (Phoenix)

Lake Phoenix 250 – Air Buoyancy PVC Curtain Boom


The Lake boom is ideal for emergency response use in canals, streams, rivers and lagoons. The light weight of the Lake Phoenix containment boom allows for easy transportation, deployment and recovery. The boom length is simply extended with an innovative boom to boom connecting system that requires no tools. This lightweight, highly portable boom is the obvious choice for holding on site at all times along with Oilsorb-Ultra absorbents. The first-aid for oil spills, they could well prevent an accident becoming a disaster. Extremely popular with the Water Authorities and Environment Agencies, the Lake Phoenix 250 protects inland and industrial waterways reliably and cost effectively.


Segmented boom manufactured from high frequency welded 750 g/m2 PVC coated nylon fabric giving durable and excellent high wear and abrasion resistance. Air buoyancy by foot-pump inflated air chambers, giving good conformance to water and compact stowage size. Ballast, boom tension and strength is provided by an enclosed galvanised chain, which also provides correct underwater profile.


Freeboard (air) 85 mm
Draught 135 mm
Standard Sect Length 5 m
Weight 4.75 kg
Ballast galvanised steel chain
Colour Yellow or green
Boom Connection 18 cm
Inflator Half Dome 1.5 Litre


  • Made to any length.
  • Colour options available on request.
  • Tow Bridles.
  • Storage Boxes Storage and deployment racking trailer

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