Silt screen

Oilsorb-Ultra ‘Siltscreen’ – Silt Containment Boom

Specialist water-permeable silt curtain used to contain silt pollution caused by:

Excavation in Drains
Bridge pontoon construction   Rivers
Drilling & pile driving   Canals
Cable laying   Reservoirs, Lakes
Breakwater construction   Seas


  • Unique 300 gsm Oilsorb-Ultra Siltscreen filter media.
  • 8mm galvanised chain ballast in double thickness bottom keel pocket.
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam in top buoyancy pocket.
  • 10mm polypropylene rope through foam core for anchoring.
  • Extra rope supplied for mooring and looping back to keel chain for shared load tension.
  • 1500mm depth suitable for most water depths near construction activity.
  • Other depths to suit customer requirements.
  • Disposable filter media keeps replacement costs down when fully saturated.
  • Chain and foam can be re-used in replacement screens. Or filter media can be back-washed and re-used.
  • Fast deployment technique allows screen to be stored out of water till needed.
  • Filter design allows water to flow freely through it, even in strong currents.
  • Very high tensile strength resists tearing and impact damage.
  • Made to span customer’s site in one continuous length up to 50 metres long.
  • Manufactured and assembled completely in our factory.
  • Anchor systems available as options.
  • Integral debris and oil containment booms available as options.
  • Competitively priced to encourage use on all waterway civil engineering projects.
  • Fast manufacturing time for urgent projects and replacement booms.
  • Used by British Waterways, Groundtech, Murphy, Transco, MWH, Morrison, Story, SIAC Construction, BP and others.
  • Used to help gain approval of your method statement by the Environment Agency.

The ideal solution for any silt control concerns

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Silt screen - Silt Curtain

Silt screen (Silt Curtain)

Silt screen - Silt Curtain

Silt screen (Silt Curtain)


Silt Screen/Silt Curtain Data Sheet