Desilting water

The equipment consist of a fabricated painted steel tank with a removable steel mesh raised base on which our Siltscreen filterbag sits. The bag is held by 4 steel poles simply attached to the lid. This allows the filterbag to be installed and removed when full and heavy by forklift truck without undue strain. The solids will be dewatered as soon as the water drains out and the bag and lid can be held above the tank to drip dry prior to moving solids to skip.

The silty water is pumped or gravity fed into the tank and has to pass through the filterbag, which is double thickness on the bottom, to reach the outlet port fitted at the bottom of the tank. A recess protects the valve from damage.

This port is connected by flexible hose with quick connect fitting to our filter skid. This comprises a 110v positive displacement ground water pump, connected to two filter units in series. In this case, one is set at 20 micron, the second at 10 micron to comply with the client’s discharge consent. In order to protect the pump from overpressurising itself in the event of filter blocking, a pressure switch is included which should be wired in series with the power supply to cut the pump at a preset pressure. The filters have inlet and outlet pressure gauges for instant filter condition monitoring. The bowls drop down for easy filter cartridge replacement without the need for undoing pipework, although pipe unions are included for easy of modification.

Both tank, lid and filter skid have identical width fork lift channels for easy moving, and the tank lid has two hinged access panels for hose entry and viewing.

The whole package is simple to use, easy to see what is happening and can be adapted to any shape or size to meet your exact needs.

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Desilting water - Complete package

Complete package

Desilting water - Showing lid lifted and bag inside

Showing lid lifted and bag inside

Desilting water - filter skid

Filter skid