Small Bunds

Cowens manufacture containment bunds to any size to suit your liquid secondary containment requirements. From lightweight foam walled bunds which can fit under vehicles, oil drums and machines to pop-up pools which fold up like a child’s tent but open up to a hold significant volume.

Invaluable to comply with the oil storage regulations, common sense for containing drips and spill within a controlled area.

Options include oil and chemical absorbing pads made to fit exactly inside the bund; holdalls to store the bunds in and a choice of ultra lightweight PVC, reinforced PVC or reinforced heavy duty polyurethane materials of construction.

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Small PVC Containment Bund - Chemical Bunding

PVC Containment Bund

Small Bunds - Ultra lightweight PVC Bund

Ultra lightweight PVC bund

Small PU Containment Bund - Chemical bunding

Polyurethane Bund

Small Containment Bund - Pop up pool

Pop up pool