IBC Bund pallets

Our extensive IBC spill containment range is specifically designed to meet the growing IBC end user market. Made from 100% corrosion free polyethylene, these sturdy units are EU and UK compliant.
We produce single and double IBC units, dispensing and filling accessories and covered outdoor versions.

• Corrosion resistant
• Removable decking to assist cleaning
• Suitable for most IBC footprints
• Robust 100% polyethylene construction
• Fork pockets for moving empty units


length: 1760mm
width: 1350mm
height: 710mm
weight: 107kg
sump: 1100ltr
UDL: 1500kg
Suitable for 1 x 1000ltr IBC Sturdy single IBC secondary containment solution with removable grid and optional overflow tray.


length: 2560mm
width: 1350mm
height: 510mm
weight: 136kg
sump: 1140ltr
UDL: 2500kg
Double IBC secondary containment solution – can also store up to 8 drums

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IBC Bund pallets - BB1


IBC Bund pallets - BB2


IBC Bund pallets - Covered BB2

Covered BB2