Forecourt Bio

Super Concentrate.

Petrol stations need to be kept clean and free of oil contamination.

Pump spills, particularly around diesel dispensers, are extremely difficult to remove.

Traditional, alkaline based degreasing agents, are often ineffective when dealing with diesel spills. These type of products are not paint friendly and frequently form slow “breaking” emulsions, which are a major cause of poor separator performance.

Furthermore, traditional degreasers present risks to both public health and the environment and subsequently require “hazardous” labelling.

The Solution

Use a biological cleaning agent that:
Digests oil, diesel and petrol spills effectively
Is paint friendly
Reduces slip hazards.
Requires no “hazardous” labelling

Forecourt Bio

A concentrated, biological cleaner that digests diesel and lube spills fast. Supplied in easy to handle, 5 Litre containers – sufficient for more than 20 daily applications. Is paint friendly and will not affect separator performance.

How to use Forecourt Bio

Apply 250ml (approx. 1 cupful) to 5 Litres of warm water for Pump, Island and Forecourt cleaning.


Registered in Germany as an environmentally acceptable cleaning agent with the Umwelt Bundes Amt (No. 3406-0001).



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Forecourt Bio

Forecourt Bio