Cowens BioDL20 is an industrial degreasing agent with descaling properties resulting in the ability to remove oil, grease, rust and limescale in a single operation. BioDL20 is kind to users, the environment and materials. It contains a unique biological product based on fermented whey.


BioDL20 is developed for Cleaning in Place (CIP) operations for reconditioning of oil-borne systems as well as systems with deposits of limescale. It performs excellent on burned organic material such as coked oil. For optimal result, we recommend that CIP-machines are used in order to control temperature and circulation.

Typical applications
Heat exchangers
Process equipment

Types of fouling
Burned organic material such as coked oil and cut ting fluid
Oil such as lubricating, hydraulic, base and engine oil
Rust and other metal oxides • Limescale


One part concentrated BioDL20 to four to twenty parts of water (1:4-20) depending on the degree of fouling. The effectiveness of the cleaning liquid is greater at higher temperatures. The optimum working temperature is about +60oC. Note: Before usage, stir or homogenize the liquid.


BioDL20 does not harm steel, wood, paint, china or rubber.

When cleaning heat exchangers, for example, there is no need to remove rubber seals. The product does not etch steel or aluminium. This means that heat exchangers and other objects can be cleaned without leakage.

NOTE: Zinc is sensitive to low pH. Therefore, you should not use BioDL20 on galvanized surfaces. Black iron and some qualities of brass are also sensitive. Different metal qualities that are linked together can cause galvanic corrosion. The risk for corrosion increase when cleaning especially at high temperatures.


BioDL20 is relatively kind to the skin, due to mild acids. Concentrated liquid is classified as R36, Irritating to eyes. The recommended user solution, 1:4-20, has not that classification.

Hot liquid should be handled with care, due to the risk of burning.

The product fulfils the Nordic Ecolabel criteria for industrial cleaning and degreasing agent. The concentrated cleaning product is classified as WGK 2, according to the German water toxicity legislation, due to the concentration of surfactants.

For cleaning solutions diluted with water according to our recommendations (1:4-20) the WGK is 1.


The user solution of the product is not hazardous chemical waste. However, depending on what has been cleaned, a used cleaning liquid may be classified as hazardous waste. Such waste must be disposed in accordance with local authority regulations.

The package is made of PEHD-plastic, and can be recycled and energy-recovered. It should be sorted as hard plastic packaging


There are no transport restrictions.

Recommended storage temperature: from 0°C to +30°C. The product may be frozen and thawed without deteriorating.

Note: If not the whole content in the package is used at the same time, BioDL20 must be stirred or in some other way homogenized before usage.


Content: BIO GEN ACTIVE®, nonionic surfactants and fruit acids
pH: 2.0 ±0.3
Specific gravity: 1.05 kg/l
Expiry date: unopened package 3 years (from manufacture date)
opened package 3 months
Available pack sizes: 1000 litre IBC, 200 litre Barrel and 25 litre Drum