Cowens BioDL69 is a degreasing agent that penetrates soiled surfaces quickly and performs excellent at low temperatures. The product is self-splitting. If stagnant, the oil is separated from the product, so it can easily be removed. Thanks to its neutral pH, BioDL69 is mild to the skin. It contains a unique biological product based on fermented whey.


BioDL69 is used as a cleaning agent for greasy and oily surfaces such as floors, walls and machine parts, as well as CIP (Cleaning in Place) operations in oil-borne systems. For optimal result, we recommend that CIP-machines are used in order to control temperature and circulation.

Typical applications All types of heat exchangers Process equipment Pipings Tanks

Types of fouling Oil, such as hydraulic, lubricating, basic and engine oil Cutting fluid Biologic material Wax Grease


One part concentrate to seven parts water (1:7). For very severe fouling, increase the proportion of BioDL69. Note: Before usage, stir or homogenize the liquid.


BioDL69 does not harm metals, and can safely be used on materials such as aluminium, brass, glass and most types of plastic. However, PVC and rubber may be affected. Do a trial on a small area first.

Note: Certain types of rubber, e.g. nitrile, neoprene and viton, may be affected by lengthy contact.

HEALTH and Environment

BioDL69 is kind to the skin thanks to its neutral pH. In concentrated form it is classified as R36, irritating the eyes. The recommended user solution, 1:7, has not that classification. Hot liquid should be handled with care, due to the risk of burn. An unpleasant odour may occur when the product is heated or used as spray.

The product fulfils the Nordic Ecolabel criteria for industrial cleaning and degreasing agent. The concentrated cleaning product is classified as WGK 2, according to the German water toxicity legislation, due to the concentration of surfactants. For cleaning solutions diluted with water according to our recommendations (1:7) the WGK is 1.


The user solution of the product is not hazardous chemical waste. However, depending on what has been cleaned, a used cleaning liquid may be classified as hazardous waste. Such waste must be disposed in accordance with local authority regulations. The package is made of PEHD-plastic, and can be recycled and energy-recovered. It should be sorted as hard plastic packaging.


There are no transport restrictions. Recommended storage temperature: from 0°C to +30°C.

Note: If not the whole content in the package is used at the same time, BioDL69 must be stirred or in some other way homogenized before usage.


Content: BIO GEN ACTIVE® surfactants and native alkylester pH: 6.9 ±0.2 Specific gravity: 1.01kg/l Expiry date: unopened package 3 years (from manufacture date) opened package 6 months

Available pack sizes: 1000 litre IBC, 200 litre Barrel and 25 litre Drum