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Snow Blankets - Polyester Wadding

Perfect for Nativity scenes, displays and decorating around the home at Christmas time.

Available in 97cm and 157cm wide rolls (various thicknesses).

Contact Cowens for further details:

Telephone - (+44) 01228 710 205

Email - info@cowens.co.uk

Click here for more details on our Polyester Wadding


Cowens Ltd, Dalston

Quilts on sale!

We have slashed the price of our polyester wadding, pre-cut to standard quilt sizes. Bag contains the wadding only, and is available in single, double or king size pieces and in two weights.

Ideal for embroided counterpanes, duvets, quilted blankets as well as a handy format for toy and cushion filling and pet beds.

Now cheaper than any retail outlet or ring us for a quote for bulk orders.

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Cowens Ltd, Dalston

Frost Fleece for gardens

Cowens Ltd can supply rolls or shorter lengths of spunbond fleece as sold at garden centres to protect your plants from the winter frost.

The fleece is hydrophobic to repel water and is 15 grammes per square metre, 1.6m wide on 1000m long rolls, but can cut shorter.


We are offering this to resellers at 14p/m2 for full rolls:

£224 per roll @ 1.6m wide x 1000m


For end users, shorter lengths up to 20 metres would be 14p/m2 + £30 cutting and packing charge per piece. CUTTING CHARGE REDUCED TO ONLY £5.00 FEBRUARY & MARCH 2014 !!

All prices Ex works + VAT.





Cowens Ltd, Dalston

Emergency Response Equipment Stock

1st May 2014

20m3/hr Peristaltic Pumps - 2
Oil Water Separators - 2 for hire, 0 for sale
2" Weir Skimmer - 2
480mm Fence boom - 100 metres
550 Shore sealing boom - 5 m
600mm Curtain Boom - 100 metres
250mm Fence Boom - 100 metres
700mm Fence boom - 100 metres
Portable tanks - 2500 litres - 1
Portable tanks - 6000 litres - 2
Portable tanks - 7500 litres - 0
Portable bunds, small - 30
Spill kit containers - 1000 litres -  1
3 metre Absorbent Booms - 940
Absorbent pads - 5,300
Absorbent socks - 2,140
Absorbent rolls - 1,340m
Absorbent Cushions - 942
Squeegee suction attachments - 2
IBC bund - 1
Bunded IBC Stillage - 2
Tilting stillage - 1
Printed waste bags - 250
5.5 m long payload Van - 1
Pump Spares - all in stock


Spill kit

Cowens Geofleece

Cowens have launched their Geofleece campaign for the new football season.

Geofleece protects pitches from frost and stops fixtures having to be cancelled.

Click here for details


Boom to protect pumping station

Cowens have recently installed a 7 section boom to protect a critical pumping station from debris, oil and over inquisitive river users. With all 7 sections moving independantly, different river levels are not a problem. A unique flood cover protects the booms once they are no longer needed in very high flood conditions.

Longest Pod Boom Installation

April 2010. A second 250 metres of Cowens' rotary moulded pod boom was deployed on the Clyde to protect the naval shipyard. Cowens' divers worked in sub zero temperatures to install the boom as a permanent safety measure against the risk of oil spills escaping or debris getting in. The boom will cope with strong river currents in two directions (because of the tidal influence), as well as wind, waves and river traffic. Click here for product info.


Pod boom being towed out